Dirt is a very common block in Cavaria, that spawns on the floor in forest biome and is often found deep underground. It is a block that can be placed and it doesn't burn. It can be mined with any pickaxe.

If placed near moss or grass, the vegetation will spread and this will make most forest floors have lots of moss and grass on them. However, structures like Floating Islands will automatically have grass and moss on them.

Flowers like Marigold, Lavender and Blueberries can grow on dirt

On the ground the dirt will look like this:
Dirt block3

Added together the dirt and Moss will look like this: 
Dirt Example


Dirt Chair

Dirt Table

Dirt Chandelier

Dirt Candle

Dirt Candelabra


  • The sprite for dirt was made by Dakotap123
  • Dirt is the block that can be destroyed quickest